Saturday, January 1, 2011

Urban Whitetail Adventure

Welcome to the Huntin Stuff blog. I've been hunting in Kentucky and shot a really nice doe 12/30/2010 on Miller Welch Wildlife Mgt area. This is a fantastic piece of property, but is somewhat difficult to hunt.

Getting ready to head to Annapolis, Md to hunt some Urban whitetails in the subdivisions.

I'll be posting some video and photos of the action. I hunted this area back in November and took 5 does which  gave to Farmers and Hunter feeding the hungry. This is a great organization and if you enjoy hunting like I do, it is a good way to control the deer herds in Urban areas while doing a little good for the community and those less fortunate than you may be.

Oh, BTW, I missed a 140 class buck last time!! Hopefully he'll be around this time. I plan to do a few days of glassing from afar prior to hunting any of the areas where I have stand sites available. I'll have the Hoyt dialed in and 2 hang ons as well as a climber and a ground blind ready. That will allow me to cover the properties in Annapolis that I have to hunt.

I'll post some Stuff soon!!